Marie Brentnall

I offer three different coaching programs

Program 1

For Individual Managers, Sales Professionals and Business Owners

Real Estate Profit & Success — The Breakthrough

The following 6 modules include:

Rapid-profit templates that allow you to grow the business way faster than you could ever expect to achieve without them. They are simple to use, based on 30 years of extraordinary results. They allow you and your team to get focused and stay focused on doing all the right things in the right order.

This program also gives you 2 hours of 1:1 coaching with Marie personally. This coaching time is designed to hone in on the areas where I can best help you remove blocks and get rapid results towards achieving your real estate goals.

Module 1

Creating a Great Environment For Your Agency

This is about the public perception of both yourself and your agency. It's designed for agencies to be able to grow their business organically and sometimes all you need are a few tweaks here and there, sometimes it’s a complete makeover but we are sure you’ll get some great ideas from here.

Module 2

Culture of Office Management and Staff

This is really about you actually and your type of management style and how it impacts on your office, people's perception of you, etc. It also covers some of the different management styles to help you think about your style.

Module 3

Sales Selections and Communication

We have designed this module to make your sales selection an out of the box one so that you understand exactly what your salespeople's and other staff members' personalities are. What type of communication techniques you can use to better enable great communication between all members be they sales or property management or even administration so they can all work towards better outcomes for themselves and also for you in the long run. This is a module we are sure you will have lots of laughter between your staff but it will be very enlightening for you.

Module 4

Recruitment and Retention

In this module, you will find not only templates to help set you up for easy recruiting but also tips to help you along the way. It will help you have a really clear and clean recruiting progress in place. This is so important when you need to find new staff and time is always of the essence, so your systems must be ready to go to make recruiting a really easy job as well as being a fun thing, as it is such a major part of any sales managers job or owner in today's world.

Module 5

The Art of Negotiating For Successful Outcomes

This is where we go over the rules for not only for negotiating contracts ensuring a win/win situation at all times, as well as when we are negotiating a listing agreement as well as a marketing program which shows we have been authentic with our clients and have listened to them with both ears and eyes, always ensuring the best outcomes for all concerned.

Module 6

How to Authentically Sell in Both a Busy or Quiet Market

This includes a template for Goal and Target Tracking for both sales and Property Management.

Program 2

Real Estate Profit & Success — Profit Coaching

Designed for those who just want to enjoy personal coaching to help them sell more, enjoy themselves more and break through their blocks and plateaus. I’ll help you overcome any industry problems and challenges (in a safe and comfortable coaching environment).

This program includes 4 hours of 1:1 coaching sessions over an 8 week timeframe. This is conducted by Marie personally. It’s designed to get you to your highest potential and ticking off each of your revenue and growth goals in the shortest time possible.

Program 3

Real Estate Profit & Success — Growing The Ultimate Real Estate Team

This bespoke in-house coaching program is tailored to suit the client’s needs and wants.

This coaching is designed to bring all sales staff etc authentically on board with the coaching and generate optimal results for the entire organization. Bringing together all manner of individuals, personalities and teams to work in synchronicity as one with a common goal. This quickly removes conflict and friction…gets everyone on the same page…and inevitably generates greater profits, a truly enjoyable team culture and rapid growth.