Marie Brentnall

About Marie Brentnall And Her Unique Approach…

Marie’s career has spanned over 30 years during which time she has become a highly sought after coach and leader both across Australia and internationally.

Over 30 Years Experience

Her career began when she worked for highly respected market leaders, Barfoot and Thompson in Auckland.

After completing her Real Estate Qualifications Marie quickly accelerated her career, being headhunted for the position of Branch Manager by Allen Realty, responsible for a large, dynamic team. This was a ground breaking achievement at the time, with such positions usually only offered to men! Her team went on to break sales records and become the envy of the organisation.

Following a shift to Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2000, Marie became highly successful as a real estate agent. She once made $30k in one month which was unheard of at the time. This wasn’t unusual for Marie though, no matter how flabbergasted (and jealous) her colleagues inevitably were.

Most importantly, this was the time when Marie started to really focus on her unique and profitable coaching methods. These methods have inspired and empowered numerous sales professionals and business owners since.

Achieving Great Results - Authentically

As a result, Marie’s clients share a true passion for real estate whilst each following their own authentic and unique path in the industry.

Whether helping clients with investment properties or buying and selling, she consistently shows them how to achieve record breaking outcomes and, at the same time, significantly raises their company’s profile.

As an example, one company Marie worked with was sold for approximately $20 million dollars just a few years after enlisting her help.

Many of the decisions Marie has made over the years have involved choosing authenticity and passion for the industry over short term profits.

This has led to her becoming a rare, guiding light for so many other real estate professionals who wish to lead from an authentic market position, whilst becoming highly successful and setting sales records again and again.


The Coaching Difference

One of Marie’s mentors recognised in her a true gift. The ability to coach and mentor clients and staff to achieve the same results she was able to. Consistently and reliably.

This gift which has become her true passion, continues to help countless professionals to achieve their real estate goals quickly and in a way which is fun, rewarding and leaves competitors in the dust.

Marie believes that “the way we conduct ourselves and the way we serve our clients makes a huge difference both in getting the business and then achieving spectacular results consistently.”

Feel free to Contact Marie to discuss how she can help you achieve higher levels of success, profit and enjoyment in your real estate business.