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Marie Brentnall has 30 years experience helping real estate professionals achieve extraordinary revenues whilst being authentic and having fun.

Marie Brentnall

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Happy people
I have had the pleasure of knowing Marie Brentnall for over seven years, in business and as a friend. Marie has over 30 years’ experience in Real Estate, and a proven record in Sales, Marketing and Life Coaching.

Marie continues to strive for excellence. She is an intelligent, capable, and personable woman and an excellent role model. Marie is always quick on her feet, and capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.
Gerritje Galloway
Marie has the ability to find what works and implement procedures to make any business successful. Trust and you will be rewarded!
Dane Jones
Marie always motivated myself and the team to achieve our very best and was always approachable, helpful and supportive in any dealings with our clients. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and a caring and helpful attitude to everyone she associates with in her line of work. I wish Marie all the best in her new venture.
Ken Clark
We've known Marie for almost 10 years. From our initial contact regarding a real estate purchase, we progressed to a firm friendship where trust was well established on both sides. The irony of an ongoing friendship between a real estate agent and their client may be lost on some but I would suggest it is not always the usual ending in such circumstances. Marie had the ability to meet both her responsibilities to her employer and also to treat her client with the respect they deserved. A rare gift in todays world.
Anne and Michael Matthews